Dr. Fatima Er-Rafia

Author: Fatima-Zohra Er-Rafia, Ph.D.

18 Jul 2018

Trump’s trade war: Delenda est China!

(Credit: https://internetofbusiness.com/will-5g-be-the-big-casualty-of-china-us-trade-war/) The trade war between China and the U.S. entered a new phase on July 6 when the U.S. imposed new tariffs on $34 billion of China’s goods. This trade war and the attacks against China are not new. Indeed, during his election campaign, Trump promised to tackle the Chinese threat. He kept his promise. […]

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Author: Fatima-Zohra Er-Rafia, Ph.D.

18 May 2018

My take on Putin’s Bridge in Crimea

Credit: dailymail.co.uk Trump is doing everything in his power for his ‘Make America Great Again’ at the expense of international law, as he did with his latest rejection of the JCPOA. Putin is doing the same in his own way. Putin built the bridge connecting Crimea to Russia, a bridge that is a vital umbilical […]

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Author: Fatima-Zohra Er-Rafia, Ph.D.

03 May 2018

My take on Turkish Politics

Credit: thedefensepost.com Interview conducted by Mr. Seymur Mammadov and published in Russian here: http://eurasia.expert/dlya-ssha-turtsiya-eto-klyuch-k-tsentralnoy-azii-i-blizhnemu-vostoku-ekspert/?sphrase_id=8649   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that early presidential and parliamentary elections would be held in the country on June 24. Why did Erdogan decide to hold early elections? What’s happening? After the failed coup attempt of July 2016, Erdoğan […]

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Author: Fatima-Zohra Er-Rafia, Ph.D.

18 Apr 2018

Upcoming Seminar

If you’re in Istanbul on May 2nd, you’re invited to a seminar I’ll be presenting at Marmara University, Faculty of Political Sciences: “How to study China: Between theory and reality”. Many thanks to Ali Murat Kurşun for the invitation and for organizing the talk!