Dr. Fatima Er-Rafia

Credit: LNG World News The Nord Stream II pipeline project is an export gas pipeline running from Russia to Europe (exit point in Germany) across the Baltic Sea, a region where tensions between NATO and Russia are reaching a tipping point. The project is facing resistance (fueled by the U.S.) from Poland, Lithuania, and Denmark. The […]

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Credit: http://www.whenthenewsstops.org/ The Trump presidency has been similar in effect to notice of a grave illness: upon hearing the news, we were shattered, then came rationalization, and finally, we were left to cope. While 2017 was a year of shock at Trump becoming president, 2018 will be a year of reflection on what can be done, […]

06 Dec 2017

China at odds with Russia over Ukraine?

Credit : Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters China at odds with Russia in Ukraine? Not at all. On the contrary! China is not competing with Russia over Ukraine. They are working in synergy in Ukraine. Why synergy? Because the Dragon and the Bear’s cultural values are anchored on the ‘enlightened despotism’ (some sort of authoritarianism) of both the Tsars […]