Dr. Fatima Er-Rafia
02 Nov 2017

Japanese Election: What can we expect from Shinzo Abe’s latest victory?

During this term, Abe has a broad range of issues that need to be addressed as quickly as possible while laying the foundation for the others. He will deal with the most pressing problems, such as those related to the international sphere, especially the North Korean crisis. He will use all the diplomatic channels available, including opening channels of dialogue with Kim Jong-un while preparing militarily in case there is an escalation. If Trump feels threatened by the investigation of Russian participation in the US election, he could provoke an attack on North Korea to deflect the attention of world public opinion.

At the level of the economic sphere, having the support of the business world that benefits from Abenomics policies, Abe will continue those economic policies and will focus attention on the Olympic Games projects that will generate revenue and provide income and jobs.

Moreover, in the social sphere, Abe, with the support of Komeitō, will tackle the problems caused by an aging population that is struggling to renew itself. Last but not least, in the domestic political sphere, Abe will not take responsibility for constitutional changes and will allow the urn to decide what to do about the Peace Clause, even though the Referendum result is rather predictable!


For more information on Japan’s election, here is a piece I’ve written for Policy Forum:

Making Japan great again


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