Dr. Fatima Er-Rafia
07 Mar 2018

Some thoughts on the Nord Stream II pipeline project, the EU, Russia, and Ukraine…

The Nord Stream II pipeline project is an export gas pipeline running from Russia to Europe (exit point in Germany) across the Baltic Sea, a region where tensions between NATO and Russia are reaching a tipping point. The project is facing resistance (fueled by the U.S.) from Poland, Lithuania, and Denmark. The latter, a Eurosceptic, even passed a law in November to decide whether to ban Gazprom’s Nord Stream II natural gas pipelines from traversing Danish waters. This move would be in direct opposition to Germany’s plans and anticipated needs for energy.

This situation shows once again the stress that the EU is going through, torn between the rise of populism and secessionist movements, complicated by immigration and environmental pressures. Although the EU is still to a certain extent a successful economic union, the EU is an unsuccessful political union. The EU has become a jellyfish where the interests’ of each member take precedence over everything else at the expense of diplomacy, which really is a compromise of everyone’s interests. National dynamics are hindering European diplomacy.

The EU’s diplomacy is failing and it is counting on the role of justice to correct these failures. There is no harmonization between the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice; the latter showing signs of folie des grandeurs, wanting to become a Universal Court of Justice that transcends borders.

European diplomats are no longer able to solve problems between states while their role is precisely to prevent and solve potential and current problems. European diplomacy is failing and Russia knows it and is playing on the Europeans’ inability to harmonize their diplomacy.

When one nation gains through a judicial ruling, it is not truly a gain. For both sides (Russia and Ukraine), it is a failure of diplomacy. A judgment is a one-time gain. It offers no solution to the core issue, and thus it cannot stand the test of time and only foretells complications for the future.


A piece written by Nolan Peterson includes my view:

Russia’s Gas War on Ukraine Flames Out

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